November 27

Bright Law Rebranding Commerical Campaign

Case Studies, Signature Vision Videos


The Story

One of our long term Lake Norman partners, Ckezepis Law, was acquired by Bright Law.  The new owner needed a new video content driven visual identity to build upon the profitable real estate closing advertising that system we designed, manage, and have optimized since 2018.

The Problem (The Core Constraint)

Newly Acquired Law Firm RebrandLooking to clear communicate new leadership while reaffirming that quality will only get better for existing clients.

Showcase New Compelling TestimonialsThe law firm had not had fresh video testimonials from their target client base since 2019.

Leverage Commercials for Facebook & Instagram AdsMy company had produced a wildly profitable commercial for the previous owner and the new owner was looking for the same.

The Solution (The Scope & Plan of Action)

The ApproachConduct a rebrand commercial story discovery session to get key audiences, messages, offers, and digital journeys.The EvaluationListened to the goals of Bright Law to create a new campaign that builds on the success of the previous one to excite new potential clients and reassure high value existing clients.The Deliverables & ResultsFilmed 6 interviews and accompanying experience re-enactment professional videos in 1 half day session to create 6 key campaign video assets for website and social media ads that became profitable within first 30 days of campaign launch.

The Facebook Video Ad Campaign Results

  • VideoCampaign Delivered a 3X ROAS in under 30 DaysWe filmed, edited, and launched the new video commercial campaign on Facebook with 14 days.
  • Lowered CPL by 43% within the first 30 days of LaunchReal estate closings costs were reduced due our proven Meta ads targeting, testing, and copywriting approach.
  • Delivered a Fresh Social Video Brand IdentityIn addition to a full-length signature difference brand vision video, we also delivered 6 social optimized videos.
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